The Independent Custody Visitor (ICV) App has been one of PSS’s greatest successes. The app was born when OPCCs raised to us the issues they were having with current ICV visits and records being time-consuming and inefficient at raising and solving problems. PSS created the ICV app to solve these problems, and to greatly improve the work processes involved.  The ICV App records details and information of detainees held in custody suites, making information directly accessible to the OPCCs during the completion of the online visit form.

The information recorded on the app includes any requests made by the detainee, any issues with the cell,  along with any other notes and procedures to be followed during an ICV visit. Each user has their own dedicated log-in, enabling them to store their visits for review; while the automated system means that the recorded information is sent for sign-off to the appropriate chains of authority with no extra work – it’s simply emailed across on a secure network. The ICV app’s simple user interface makes it highly accessible to all users, enabling all participants to easy retrieve data from any previous custody visit. In addition, the app provides a report generating system to help produce detailed reports on information gathered by all Independent Custody Visit volunteers, which can be viewed by an administrator and used to suggest significant improvements.

The aim of the ICV app is to improve upon current processes, efficiency, and usability within the public sector. If you are interested and wish to learn more, call 01926 298 999 to arrange your no-obligation demonstration of this our powerful app.

ICV App User Guide


Custody Visits and Rota Management
Submit detailed custody visits, ready for admin approval. Keep track of the entire process by managing Visit Rotas and information easily.
Extensive and Instant Data Reporting
Generate detailed reports instantly, refined by any and all elements of detainees and visits, including location, cell number, custody type and more.
User Permissions and Accessibility Administration
Have complete control of user permissions and accessibility throughout the app. Monitor the flow of information through the right people, at the right time.
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    The team have worked closely with us throughout the whole journey, from initial discussions to the implementation of the app. Moving away from a paper-based recording system for some of our ICVs was slightly daunting. However, once the ICV’s gained experience through the demo and hands-on training, their concerns were put to one side. Not only is the app user-friendly and accurate for reporting visits, it will also help me hugely in the collating and analysis of data.

    Anna Hill, Avon and Somerset’s Custody Visiting and VCSE Officer